Estepona Old Town

A cobbled street in Estepona Old Town

Estepona Old Town is a very attractive area and well worth a visit.  With an overall population of 37,000, the historic centre of Estepona is quite charming and a lovely town to stroll around.

Estepona is one of the few coastal towns, that, whilst providing tourist facilities,  retains the charm of a typical Analusian village with a strong Mediterranean character.

The numerous street cafés and tapas bars still serve authentic Spanish delicacies. and the cobbled, narrow streets were built more for horses than for cars.

You'll find interesting shops and bodegas tucked into unexpected corners and the owners are very inviting and friendly.

In late 2012 the new Mayor of Estepona authorised a renovation of the Historic Centre of Estepona. The streets have been relaid with cobbles, pebble designs and designed surrounds for trees and plants, making it perhaps the most beautiful town centre on the Costa.

Every street is festooned with coloured pots brimming with geraniums and summer flowers - Absolutely delightful !